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Nominee Finalist  and Winner of The Most Prestique 2010 Achievement and Civic Recognition Award (ACRA-Cultural), Canada

offered a full scholarship to study at the Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music "Young Artists Performance Academy" (9 Years Old) 2011

Admitted  with  full scholarship  to  the  Juilliard  School  of  Music  Pre-College Division-Young Talented Program 2010 as the Youngest (8 years old) winner

Scholarship from the Sport Council, Markham, November 22, 2009, Canada

Children's  Aid Foundation Of York Region: "Spotlight 2009 Gala" Featuring Youth Talent in York Region, Certificate Receipiant, November 19, 2009, Canada

Rotary Club of Markham: Certification in Recognition for Outstanding Performance Award (Violin  Solo) October 2009, Canada

Member of Parliament: Certification in Recognition for Outstanding Performance Award (Violin Solo), August 2009, Canada

The Mayor And Members of Council: Extend Recognition And Appreciation to Mercedes Cheung for Outstanding Musical Ability And Contribution, 2009, Markham, Canada

Yee Hong Community Wellness Foundation Award of Merits 2008-2009,  Markham, Canada

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